Tips on Moving by Yourself

One of the scariest things I’ve done in my life was go cliff jumping. I was visiting Colorado with a few friends one summer, and we stopped by a small town. Everyone was going to cliff jump, except me. I vividly remember standing there, thinking, if I don’t do this now, I’ll always regret the missed opportunity. 15 minutes later, I was standing on the edge of a cliff, being encouraged by 5 people behind me to step off. Nothing is scarier than the moment before you say, fuck it, and just jump. For someone with as much anxiety as me, I always choose the safe route. Risk-taker is just not in my DNA. But I knew if I didn’t do it, I would always wonder what the experience was like. Once I got to the bottom, I wondered what I was so scared of in the first place. To date, I haven’t done much else that matched the level of freak out I had on the ledge that day in Colorado – nothing except moving across the country by myself. Here are some of my best tips if you are looking to move by yourself across the country.

  • Think about what you really want.

What makes you happy about your day to day now, and what do you dislike about your living situation currently? Why are you moving by yourself?

  • Make a plan and stick to it.

I made this mistake too many times early on, changing my plan and priorities to fit someone else’s (I do this a lot in my personal life all the time. I’m working on it). Choose what your non-negotiables are and stick to it! You will be happier, in the long run, you didn’t do something just to appease another person, who probably doesn’t even care what you do. Remember, you are moving by yourself, and potentially moving across the country by yourself. Make sure you are in tune with your own wants and needs.

  • Don’t jump at the first opportunity that comes your way.

I know it’s tempting, but there are plenty of roommates and plenty of apartments – wait until you find a good fit.

  • Interview your subleaser over FaceTime with your roommates if you’re planning to sublease.

If you are moving by yourself, you might be leaving your current lease early. Make sure to learn more about your subleaser before accepting them and having them move into your current apartment. You want your roommates to be comfy with who they’re living with, so best to make introductions early on.

  • Interview with your potential roommates over FaceTime, too.

Moving by yourself means you might be looking for brand new roommates you don’t know. What are their habits? Least favorite chores? Sleep schedule? These are all imperative questions to ask while you interview potential roommates.

  • Once you have everything lined up, just say fuck it and jump.

If you overthink every decision you make like me, a million thoughts will be running through your head. A million doubts included. Just make the jump. Pull the trigger. Whatever verbiage you need to use to make sure you follow through, do it. The best decision I’ve ever made was moving by myself to New York City. I promise you will land and wonder what you were so worried about in the first place.

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