How to (Successfully) Do a 7 Day Social Media Detox

Instagram is both my favorite app and the app I loathe the most. It simultaneously connects me with people I care about, albeit friends who may even live across the country, and makes me feel more disconnected than any other moment I am not scrolling my life away while my thumb cramps. This is why I recommend every Instagram user do a 7 day social media detox

I’ve never understood why instagram is so addicting, especially in comparison to other apps, but I’m too scared to figure out why. Instead of deleting my page permanently (which means you basically don’t exist in the world and will never be able to use dating apps again), I do a monthly-ish Instagram detox where I delete the app on my phone and/or deactivate my page. It’s hilarious, too, that it feels so monumental to me, when really nobody else even notices my page is gone. Like, they have one less story view, one less follower, but it’s not detrimental to their life in any way to not be updated on my day-to-day. It’s not like I even post on there that much! Anyways, it is very addicting and very hard to do an instagram detox. Here are my best tips for success and making the process slightly less miserable for yourself.

Do it at the same time as your friends.

Nothing is more boring than hanging out with your friends while they scroll instagram and you sit there looking at your phone that has zero exciting apps to scroll, refresh and repeat on while the one notification you got that day was the iOS update, okay? Forcing your friends to detox with you not only makes it easier to not look at your apps or feel major FOMO when they are, it also means you don’t have to look nice or take any pictures when you hangout (because who’s gonna see them? nobody). A 7 day social media detox is something you can convince your friends to do with you.

Delete your other apps, but download other fun ones to mindlessly scroll when you get really desperate.

This is literally so embarrassing but I downloaded this ‘word of the day’ app just because I am so addicted to notifications. But it worked! I loved seeing my phone buzz and getting a notification but this time not from an app where I’m constantly comparing myself to girls who weigh 30 lbs less than me. It did its job for the course of my 7 day social media detox.

Find a hobby (that’s not on a screen).

We wake up five days a week and stare at a computer screen, only to get off work and spend the next few hours staring at a smaller screen, being our phones. Imagine doing a 7 day social media detox and finding yourself not staring at a small screen after staring at a larger one all day. It sounds like something everyone should experience every so often. But before you do this, make sure to find something to do that is not involving technology when you finally decide to detox – it will make the detox that much more gratifying and effective.

What tactics do you use when trying to detox from social media?

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