25 Things I Learned by 25

In celebration of my birthday this year, I’m blogging about 25 things I’ve learned over the past 25 years (I still cannot believe I turned 25?!). If you’re looking for some positivity, reflection, or inspo, you’re in the right place! Check out 25 things I learned by 25 below.

  1. Real friends will check in on you.
  2. Your trauma does not have to define you.
  3. Your thoughts create your reality.
  4. Saying no is a powerful key to happiness.
  5. Being your authentic self is hard, but necessary.
  6. There is power in things that make you different.
  7. Social media isn’t everything.
  8. Stop comparing yourself to other people.
  9. Friend breakups are just as painful as romantic relationship breakups.
  10. Although painful, friend breakups can be necessary for long term happiness.
  11. Spending time with loved ones is valuable and there is never enough time.
  12. Check in on the people you love as often as you can.
  13. Keep up with friends even when you’re in a relationship.
  14. Long distance is hard.
  15. Keep boundaries in a relationship in order to not lose yourself
  16. Call your grandparents.
  17. Identifying emotions and letting them go allows growth.
  18. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  19. Do the best you can.
  20. Take breaks when necessary.
  21. Utilize your paid time off if you have it – especially if its unlimited!
  22. Take that vacation.
  23. Try something new.
  24. Make changes everyday to become the person you want to be.
  25. Everything will be okay!

What are some things you’ve learned with age?

6 thoughts on “25 Things I Learned by 25

  1. Powerful thoughts. I am 76 and still trying to learn some of these concepts. LOL
    I am definitely saving this post and looking back at it to remind me what I need to be focusing on.


      1. To be kinder and not so demanding of one’s self/not to be so judgmental of others/that everything happens for a reason/God’s timing is different from our timing/Every day is a gift

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