A Perfect Saturday Afternoon in Chicago + Why I’m Writing Travel Content

Check out this post for a perfect Saturday afternoon in Chicago, and why I’m writing travel content now. I dig into the inspiration of why travel content is coming up on my blog now, and how I am incorporating it into the mission of my blog. I also give the itinerary for a day in Chicago, which is applicable to any city! 🙂

Why I’m Writing Travel Content

I almost feel like I’m turning into a travel blog with the amount of posts I’ve written on traveling recently! I might add a travel section to my blog so that you can filter through my trips (let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d like to see, otherwise the travel content will stay categorized under Lifestyle!). I never thought my blog would have any travel content, because I felt like I never traveled anywhere interesting. The travel blogs I can find are all about traveling to places like Mexico, Paris, etc… But what about the 20-something women who don’t have the time or budget to be flying to Paris first class? It’s glamorous but not realistic for many people. That’s what inspired me to start blogging my trips. After all, I want my blog to be a real reflection of what my everyday life is – Often mundane, but you’re able to find the beauty in small moments. 🙂 Here’s a Saturday afternoon well spent in Chicago. I hope you find some inspo for the next lazy Saturday you spend in the city, whether it’s Chicago or Milan; inspiration to have the perfect, relaxing day next weekend.

Haircut at Salon Envy

I started off the morning with a haircut at Salon Envy, an amazing hair salon in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL. I see Destiny at Salon Envy, and she is an amazing stylist. She always listens to exactly what I’m looking for while giving her advice on how to perfectly execute my vision. I started seeing her before the pandemic and still visit her for haircuts when I’m in Chicago, even though I live in New York City now. She’s that good. And what better way to start your Saturday morning than to do some self-care and book an appointment that will make you feel beautiful and confident?! I didn’t take any photos at the salon, but it’s super cute – If you live in the Chicago area and are looking for a new hair stylist, I highly recommend checking this salon out. After my haircut, I headed down the street to meet my boyfriend at Parson’s for lunch.

Lunch at Parson’s Chicken & Fish

Me and my boyfriend LOVE Parson’s Chicken & Fish. It’s a restaurant that’s good vibes all around, but has the best vibes for afternoon drinks, happy hour, small or large parties, OR date night – Basically, it’s good for A LOT of types of outings. I think that’s why we’ve frequented Parson’s so often, because it just fits for so many types of gatherings. I also used to live in Logan Square, a neighborhood in Chicago, and I lived right down the street from a Parson’s location. When you live that close to a restaurant so well equipped for many types of events, it’s not surprising to go there almost weekly.

We were so excited to go back to Parson’s after months of missing it. I moved to New York City, and my boyfriend lives in a neighboring state to Chicago, so we we’re eager to head back to one of our favorite spots in the city. I love the chicken nuggets at Parson’s because they have, arguably, the best honey mustard in the city. They also have a really good hot sauce, which I highly recommend ordering with the nuggets as well. They were still serving their breakfast menu when we sat down around 11:45am, so my boyfriend got the Grits and substituted the fish for chicken (we both clearly love the fried chicken at Parson’s).

I was… underwhelmed by the chicken nuggets at Parson’s this time around. We typically used to go to the Logan Square location, and this time we went to the Lincoln Park location, because of it’s proximity in relation to my hair salon. I also know that the restaurant changes their menu very frequently, so that could’ve played a role in my dislike for the meal. The chicken was pretty bland, when the breading is normally perfect. The drinks were pretty good and standard as usual, but the food was definitely underwhelming. The vibe of the restaurant has not changed whatsoever, but the food struggled to meet the high expectations I had for my visit. I’d still recommend visiting Parson’s Chicken & Fish if you are in Chicago, but I would caution to not have too high of expectations for the food. I’ll definitely think twice before I decide to visit this restaurant again because of their inconsistent quality.

Lunch at Parson’s Chicken & Fish!

Collectivo Coffee

Afterwards, we went for a walk towards Lake Michigan (the Fullerton ledges to be specific!). We stopped by Collectivo Coffee, which is a cafe that I used to go to all the time in college because it’s so close to DePaul University (my alma mater). Collectivo was super packed. If you’re going to study or get some work done, get there early so you can grab a seat! They have a spacious patio with an outdoor fire pit. It’s pretty aesthetically pleasing and right in the heart of Lincoln Park.

I got the Salted Carmel Latte, which was not that good. The salty flavor was too prominent in the drink and overtook any caramel flavor that might’ve been in it. I got decaf espresso because I cant have too much caffeine later in the day. My boyfriend ordered the Mocha Shake (basically a coffee milkshake? It tasted like a chocolate milkshake, but had coffee in it!) and a blueberry muffin. I didn’t find the blueberry muffin to be that great either. Has my palette changed since moving to New York City, and that’s why a lot of the restaurants in Chicago just don’t taste the same? Could be. Either way, Collectivo Coffee has a wonderful ambiance. I’d go back there to study, read, work on my blog, or grab coffee to catch up with a friend (if there’s table space).

Coffee from Collectivo Coffee! (Don’t mind my un-manicured nails)

The Lake

We completed our walk to the Fullerton Ledges of Lake Michigan, which is my favorite spot by the lake in Chicago. It’s very calm for the area it’s in. There are people biking, walking, running on the lakeshore trail, but by the water, it feels extremely calming to hangout with people or even by yourself. We stayed by the lake to chat and drink our coffees (yes, I still order iced coffee drinks in 60 degree weather).

If you’re going by the lake in the fall time like we did, make sure you are dressed warmly or have an extra layer in case you get cold. We were super warm on our walk, but once we sat down, the wind from the lake was pretty cold because it was 60 degrees out. Even in the sun, it can get pretty chilly. Once we got too cold, we started our walk back to Lincoln Park. I wish I would’ve taken a photo of the view, but I didn’t because I am practicing being more in the moment (and less on social media, i.e., I didn’t take a photo for my story and therefore don’t have a photo to add here 😦 ).

I love Chicago, although I’m bias, and this was a perfect Saturday afternoon in the city to me. We felt so relaxed afterwards. Especially after a long work week, a calm Saturday afternoon can help you completely reset. This itinerary is specific to Chicago, but you can always take the inspo and have a similar day in whatever area you live in.

What would be your perfect Saturday afternoon where you live? Thanks for reading! 🙂

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